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Our ecoFLUE and ecoDENSER technology for flue gas heat recovery is available for purchase. This business model was arrived at due to the high cost of shipping this relatively bulky equipment to countries other than Australia and New Zealand.


Typical technology transfer packages include:

  • Initial feasibility study and payback assessment. The fee for this service is typically AUD 1,500, which is refunded if a project is advanced to completion.

  • Thermodynamic calculations of heat recovery potential.

  • Manufacturing drawings to allow local fabrication of the stainless steel primary vessels and internals.

  • Bill of materials for auxiliary equipment such as pumps, valves, regulators etc. This equipment is selected from global suppliers to assure availability in the local area..

  • Structural design of supports and stands, including seismic design if required.

  • Provision of project-specific operating and maintenance manuals.



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