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Steam and condensate system design requires in-depth understanding of the numerous interacting factors which have to be considered for long term, trouble-free operation.


While many of our projects have heat recovery as their focal point, often other operational and maintenance issues come to light once a plant modification is looked at in detail.


We can assist with providing design input into any size project, from commercial laundries to utility power stations.


Typical design applications have included:

  • Elimination of chronic steam leaks caused by less than ideal piping layout.

  • Redesign of condensate return piping to eliminate waterhammer problems.

  • Design of flash steam utilisation schemes.

  • Pump selection for low NPSH applications typical for condensate return.

  • Integration of  boiler TDS control with boiler water sampling and chemical dosing.

  • Design of single or multi-loop PID and digital control systems, particularly for boiler drum level, steam pressure and temperature control.



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